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New Outlook Financial is a natural fit for me because we strive not only to provide the best guidance possible but also to help our clients align their finances with their values.
Growing up in Alaska with a team of sled dogs, I had unique opportunities to see some of the wildest remaining areas of the country. My family built a remote cabin in the Brooks Range and went on dog team trips all over the state. These experiences made me realize the importance of preservation and minimizing our impact on the planet.
During my studies I took a class that chronicled the creation and the resulting path of the corporation.  These arcane legal entities have transformed the economies of the world and are enormously powerful but, unfortunately, are structured to maximize profits while not always weighing the potential social and environmental impacts of their decisions. Since then I have been interested in how finance and economics can help people live better lives while also minimizing our impact on the natural world.
I find finance to be a fascinating puzzle and I really enjoy helping people reach their goals while avoiding the pitfalls of our complex financial system. Investing can be especially confusing with the combination of financial institutions advertising their products and the media giving conflicting advice.
In my spare time I enjoy skiing, canoeing, biking, fishing and other outdoor adventures.
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  3. BA, Economics,  Lewis & Clark College, Portland, Oregon
  4. Executive Certificate in Financial Planning, University of Portland
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  8. Member, Financial Planning Association
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