New Outlook Financial, LLC is a Portland, Oregon based investment advisory firm offering fee-only financial planning and investment advisory services. We work with individuals, families and small organizations, many of whom are interested in integrating their finances with their values. Unlike other financial advisors whose main goal is to sell products, our goal is to provide you with objective advice and guidance so you can be confident that the advice you are getting is in your best interest.
Our goal is to help you gain a new outlook on your personal financial future by taking the drudgery and complexity out of financial planning.  Through our work we strive to bring peace and clarity to your financial planning process. With a practical, achievable financial plan in place, the energy spent worrying about your personal finances can be redirected into more productive areas in your life.
Hourly, Fee-Only Financial planning is a good fit for you. Whether you are just starting out or nearing retirement, you can benefit from hourly, fee-only financial planning. We work with people from all walks of life who seek guidance on an as needed basis in any or all of the following areas of personal finance:
  1.             Cash Flow Management
Estate Planning  Debt Management/Elimination
Retirement Planning Strategies
Taxation Risk Management / Insurance
Education Funding
Sustainable Investing                                                           
  2.            Or... if you are not exactly sure of what you’re looking for, contact us and we’ll see how we can help.
What is Hourly, Fee-Only Financial Planning?  Hourly means you can utilize our services for as much or as little as you need, like you would any other professional service.  Fee-only means we are not compensated by sales commissions so our advice is not influenced by, or limited to, any particular financial products. We are a proud member of the Garrett Planning Network (GPN). GPN is an international network of financial planners who offer their services on a fee-only, hourly basis so that objective financial advice is available for people from all walks of life.   More...
Socially Responsible Investing (SRI):  Are there investments you want to avoid for philosophical reasons? Are you interested in investing in companies that recognize their responsibility to act as ethical players in society and in the environment? Do you want to find ways to invest in your community? Many of our clients are interested in making an positive impact with their investments.  We specialize in socially responsible investing and welcome the opportunity to explore SRI with you. More...
As Fiduciaries we are looking out for your best interests.  Many “financial advisors” do not have the obligation to provide advice that is in your best interest.   We believe that you should expect the advice you’re receiving to be objective.  Is your financial advisor a fiduciary? We are.
We are committed to sustainability. As a business operating on an interconnected and fragile planet we are committed to the practice of sustainable business. We constantly strive to reduce the size of our footprint on the planet while increasing the positive impact we have in our community and in society. More…
Contact us today for a complementary, no-obligation get acquainted meeting to see how we can help you gain a new outlook on your financial future.  
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