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I love my work. Looking back on my previous life as an editor and freelance writer, recurring themes clearly led my way to finding my way into financial planning. Every time I celebrated a friend’s birthday, I would always ask, “What is your 5 year plan?” At the time, the financial planning profession was in its infancy. By the time I moved my family to Portland from San Francisco, the industry was gaining traction.
I thrive on organizing people’s financial lives so they are free to concentrate on what they love to do. Planning is fundamental to the integrity of your financial life. Everyone, whether they are just starting out, just starting over, or just starting to retire, benefits from a plan that accounts for each piece of their financial puzzle, not just their portfolio. Identifying priorities, uncovering underlying relationships to money and aligning values with their hard earned savings.
I also love my life as much as my work. With a great husband, two beautiful little girls, dog, cat, hamster, goldfish, garden, I have just enough time to squeak everything in.
  1. Education/Training
  3. BS, English & Professional/Technical Writing,  University of Memphis, Memphis, Tennessee
  4. Executive Certificate in Financial Planning, University of Portland
  7. Professional Affiliations
  8. Member, Financial Planning Association
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